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13th EVENT: Both Bays Whiting Comp
16 adults, 4 juniors
WinnerStan Kolbe 20 Whiting 4.320kg
Runner UpBow Kolbe 13 Whiting 2.360kg
Ladies WinnerAs Above
Ladies Runner UpClare Besley 9 Whiting 1.660kg
Junior WinnerNelson Kolbe 20 Whiting 4.000kg
Junior Runner UpStella Kolbe 3 Whiting .560kg
Secret Weight ($20)Andrew Norman
Lucky DrawDavid Oxland ( $20 Compleat Angler Voucher)
Biggest WhitingStan Kolbe .540kg
DHSusie McKenner – for her entertaining antics at weigh in!?#@!!?
Total Fish104 Whiting
Total Weight20.474kg
CommentsNelson Kolbe also caught a 1.40kg rock flathead. A very pleasant day on the water! Junior Nelson Kolbe out fished most adults, he is only 5. (His dad, Neil, baits up for him but he does the rest! Go Nelson)
30th & 31st EVENT: Port Albert Estuary
15 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerKen Billing 8 Flathead & 10 Whiting 3.90kg
Runner UpStan Kolbe 7 Whiting & 5 Flathead 3.58kg
Ladies WinnerSusie McKenner 5 Whiting & 1 Flathead 1.62kg
Ladies Runner UpJanine Oxland 3 Flathead & 1 Whiting 1.30kg
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Susie McKenner
Lucky DrawMax Besley
Biggest FlatheadStan Kolbe .780kg
DHMax Besley – didn’t attach the trailer to car properly – it came off after launching boat at ramp!!??@#!
Total Fish58 (22 Flathead, 36 Whiting)
Total Weight14.540kg
CommentsTerrible weather – rained all day Friday (for those that went early). Rained ½ the day Saturday plus showers throughout the day. Saturday at midnight we had brilliant display of lightning and deafening thunder that was right above us – so scary!! A few showers Sunday morning. BUT we had fun!!!!
5th EVENT: Both Bays
11 adults, 1 juniors
WinnerStan Kolbe 1 Gummy Shark & 1 Flathead 6.02kg
Runner UpClare Besley 2 Snapper & 2 Flathead 4.78kg
Ladies WinnerClare Besley
Ladies Runner UpSusie McKenner 1 Whiting & 2 Snapper 1.42kg
Junior WinnerTyson McKenner 1 Whiting .180kg
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Hans Kelc
Lucky DrawWayne McKenner $20 Compleat Angler Voucher
Biggest SnapperJack Besley 3.74kg
DHNone!!! Judy was close ;)
Total Fish 7 snapper, 1 gummy shark, 18 flathead, 8 whiting, 1 gurnard, 5 garfish 1 mullet = 41 fish
Total Weight22.480kg
CommentsWarm day!! Very hard to find a fish. PS Max still not caught a snapper!
14th EVENT: Both Bays
13 adults, 1 juniors
WinnerJudy Chique 3 Snapper 8.30kg
Runner UpDarryl Freeman 2 Snapper 7.50kg
Ladies WinnerJudy Chique as above
Ladies Runner UpSusie McKenner 1 Gummy 1 Snapper 5.36kg
Junior WinnerJosh McKenner 1 Salmon 2 Flathead
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Stan Kolbe
Lucky DrawJosh McKenner
Biggest SnapperDarryl Freeman 5.66kg
DHJudy Chique – Thought she had bagged out – so let Susie bring in the next fish on her line – It was a gummy!!??#@?
Total Fish29
Total Weight28.520
CommentsMorning started off ok – cool and no wind. But by 10.30am the wind got up and the fishing ended for most .
10th & 11th EVENT: Freshwater Eildon
11 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerJudy Chique Rainbow Trout .180kg
Runner UpNA
Ladies WinnerNA
Ladies Runner UpNA
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Judy Chique
Lucky DrawMick O'Toole
DHJudy Chique – she nearly didn’t have fish!!! She left it behind when leaving and was down the road when she woke up that she had left it in the water to keep fresh!?!@#?!
Total Fish1
Total Weight.180kg
CommentsIt was hot & humid on Saturday with a storm during the night. Sunday was cooler with rain. The water was up & down too – they were letting out heaps of water for irrigation. The river was very high & running very fast!!!
5th September 2015 EVENT: Freshwater
12 adults, 2 juniors
WinnerMax Besley 5 Rainbow Trout 1.140kg
Runner UpClare Besley 5 Rainbow Trout 1.040kg
Ladies WinnerClare Besley (as above)
Ladies Runner UpJudy Chique 3 Rainbow Trout .620kg
Junior WinnerNelson Kolbe 2 Rainbow Trout .420kg
Junior Runner UpStella Kolbe 1 Rainbow Trout .200kg
Secret Weight ($20)Judy Chique
Lucky DrawClare Besley
Biggest RainbowMax Besley .300kg
DHMax Besley – Bought some maggots he thought – no they were worms!!?@!?
Total Fish39 Rainbow Trout
Total Weight7.86kg
CommentsA GREAT day – we all caught fish!! Cold & very still to start, until the sun came out  !! Karkarook Park is a great place to take the family. BBQs and picnic areas and a playground for the kids. As well as a well-stocked lake.
15th & 16th EVENT: Loch Sport
8 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerWayne McKenner 15 Salmon 6.800kg
Runner UpMax Besley 6 Salmon, 1 Trevally & 1 Tailor 3.760kg
Ladies WinnerMaude McKenner 5 Salmon 1.780kg
Ladies Runner UpJudy Chique 2 Salmon & 1 Tailor .840kg
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Wayne McKenner
Lucky DrawRod Besley
Bag of TackleClare Besley
Biggest SalmonMax Besley 1.440kg
DHClare Besley – stole Maude’s spring onions that she brought to put in her soup!!#??@?!
Total Fish33 salmon, 5 tailor, 1 trevally =39 fish
Total Weight15.794kg
CommentsGreat weekend – 11 Kangaroos visited on Friday evening! Saturday night we had soup, casseroles & strawberry cheese cake- A Delicious Feast!!! (Every one bought something)!! And the fishing was OK too!!
Saturday 4th EVENT: Surf Comp
13 adults, 2 juniors
WinnerMax Besley 7 Salmon 1.820kg
Runner UpJohn Bertuna 5 Salmon 1.790kg
Ladies WinnerClare Besley 2 Salmon .480kg
Ladies Runner UpMaude McKenner 1 Salmon .400kg
Junior WinnerNelson Kolbe 3 Salmon .580kg
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Ken Billing
Lucky DrawStella kolbe
Biggest Salmon John Bertuna .860kg
DHShyam Wijesinghe stood on John’s line, so he lost a BIG fish!!?#? Also Shyam did his hammy while fighting the undertow.
Total Fish27 Salmon
Total Weight7.35kg
CommentsVery cold day, but most of us caught a fish. Very cosy & warm on the Bus!! The raffle for a reel was won by Max who gave it to his nephew David!
Saturday 16th EVENT: Freshwater Anywhere
10 adults, 2 juniors
Runner UpN/A
Ladies WinnerN/A
Ladies Runner UpN/A
Junior WinnerN/A
Junior Runner UpN/A
Secret Weight ($20)N/A
Lucky DrawNelson Kolbe $20 Compleat Angler Voucher
DHClare Besley while trying to cast, caught the jetty
Total Fish0
Total Weight0
CommentsLovely sunny day - perfect for fishing, only 2 undersized redfin and 3 large carp were caught. 10 people came back to the shed at weigh in for a drink and some pizza.
18th - 19th EVENT: Loch Sport
4 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerMax Besley - 1 mullet, 1 trevally, 1 flathead, 1 tailor & 1 salmon 2.120kg
Runner UpClare Besley - 1 salmon
Ladies WinnerClare Besley - 1 salmon
Ladies Runner UpN/A
Junior WinnerN/A
Junior Runner UpN/A
Secret Weight ($20)Max Besley
Lucky DrawClare Besley
Biggest mullet .120kgMax Besley - Knife set & hooks
Biggest salmon 3.360kg
DHTo all that could not make it
Total Fish6 fish - 1 tevally, 1 mullet, 1 tailor, 1 flathead & 2 salmon
Total Weight3.360kg
CommentsWeather was very overcast after the heavy rain stopped about 9am on Saturday, and the fish were biting only for an hourafter high tide. Sunday unfihable - weed and side drift =(
7th - 9th EVENT: Marlo Estuary
9 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerHans Kelc - 6 bream, 3 mullet, 1 trevally & 1 flathead 2.396kg
Runner UpAndrew Norman - 3 bream& 2 mullet 2.380kg
Ladies WinnerClare Besley - 1 luderick, 1 tailor, 1 trevally & 2 bream 1.520kg
Ladies Runner UpDawn Norman - 1 bream & 2 mullet 1.00kg
Junior WinnerN/A
Junior Runner UpN/A
Secret Weight ($20)Hans Kelc
Lucky DrawHans Kelc
Biggest fish - bream 1.10kgAndrew Norman - No prize as no one caught a perch.
DHAndrew Norman - After waiting for his crew & being later than he wanted.. he left the bungs out of his boat & then flooded the motor - 2 hours late!!
Total Fish21 bream, 2 trevally, 11 mullet, 1 tailor, 2 luderick & 2 flathead = 41 fish
Total Weight14.036kg
CommentsWeather was fine, a bit windy on Saturday. The water was so dirty, too much fresh water coming down.

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