Noble Park Anglers Club

46-56 Moodemere St, Noble Park VIC 3174

(03) 9546 9978

25th & 26th EVENT: Surf
12 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerWayne McKenner 5 Salmon 3.25kg
Runner UpMaud McKenner 5 Salmon 2.25kg
Ladies WinnerMaud McKenner
Ladies Runner UpJudy Chique 2 Salmon, 1 Tailor .950kg
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Max Besley
Lucky DrawHans Kelc Bag of Tackle
Winner of Snapper Rod (Biggest Fish Salmon 1.5kg)Wayne McKenner
DHJohn Bertuna put trailer wheel on back to front!!
Total Fish30, 27 Salmon, 1 Tailor, 1 Mullet & 1 Trevally
Total Weight11.550kg
CommentsWe also had a Comp against the Loch Sport Angling Club – we won!
8th-10th EVENT: Estuary
15 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerDawn Norman 12 Bream, 1 Trevally. 8.25kg
Runner UpRobbie Hudson 9 Bream. 4.15kg
Ladies WinnerDamn Norman
Ladies Runner UpJanine Mann 2 Bream. .500kg
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Terry Torrison
Lucky DrawRobbie Hudson - Bag of Tackle
DHCleaned & gilled fish then threw them to the pelicans!!!???
Total Fish52, 49 Bream, 2 Trevally, 1 Mullet
Total Weight21.100kg
Comments0C in morning some boats had to wait until fuel lines defrosted before going fishing!!! Lovely sunny days.
6th & 7th EVENT: Freshwater, Purrumbete
9 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerDawn Norman 2 Chinook Salmon .300kg
Runner UpAndrew Norman & Neil Mann 1 Chinook Salmon each
Ladies WinnerDawn Norman
Ladies Runner UpNA
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Dawn Norman
Lucky DrawTerry Torrison Bag of Tackle
DHAndrew Norman installed a bilge pump outlet into boat – too long – water came into the boat instead of pumping out!!!!!
Total Fish4
Total Weight.700kg
CommentsVery cold but a great social weekend for those who went!!
Sunday 4th August, 2013 EVENT: SURF, GUNNAMATTA
10 adults, 1 juniors
WinnerMax Besley: 1 salmon .650kg
Runner UpWayne McKenner: 1 salmon .150kg
Ladies Winner
Ladies Runner Up
Junior Winner
Junior Runner Up
Secret Weight ($20)Wayne McKenner
Lucky DrawBag of Tackle: Maud McKenner
Rod for biggest salmon: Max Besley .650kg
DHRobbie Hudson: Fell over twice trying to get away from surf and chasing a plastic bag
Total Fish2 salmon
Total Weight.800kg
CommentsHorrible day, very windy, very cold, surf too rough – no fish!!!
Sunday 7th September, 2013 EVENT: FRESH WATER, ANYWHERE
9 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerHans Kelc: 1 redfin, 5 rainbow trout 1.550kg:
Runner UpRobbie Hudson: 5 rainbow trout 1.00kg
Ladies WinnerSusie McKenner: 3 rainbow trout .550kg
Ladies Runner UpClare Besley: 2 rainbow trout .400kg
Junior Winner
Junior Runner Up
Secret Weight ($20)Robbie Hudson & John Bertuna
Lucky DrawBag of Tackle: Darryl Freeman
Winner of a Rod for heviest bag of fish: Hans Kelc: 1.550kg
DHRobbie Hudson had to get information on how to catch trout from an Asian woman who was fishing nearby !!!
Total Fish25: 24 rainbow trout, 1 redfin
Total Weight5.400kg
CommentsEveryone fished at Karkarook Lake, Moorabbin. A very pleasant day!!
26th & 27th EVENT: Freshwater Comp – Eildon
8 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerSusie McKenner 1 rainbow trout 1.50kg
Runner UpNA
Ladies WinnerSusie McKenner as above
Ladies Runner UpNA
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Susie McKenner
Lucky DrawMax Besley - Bag of tackle
Biggest FishRainbow Trout 1.750kg (whole) Susie McKenner
DHMax Besley he forgot the bacon (egg & bacon breakfast) and the chairs (went and bought a new one for Clare)!!?
Total Fish1
Total Weight1.5kg
Sunday 17th EVENT: Bay Comp – Both Bays
17 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerRobbie Hudson 3 snapper 10.56kg
Runner UpMaud McKenner 3 snapper 9.58kg
Ladies WinnerMaud McKenner - as above
Ladies Runner UpJudy Chique- 1 couta, 2 snapper 1 gummy 8.82kg
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Judy Chique
Lucky DrawBag of tackle – Terry Torrison
Winner of a RodBiggest snapper – 5.92kg Robbie Hudson
DHDarryl Freeman – threw rod out but forgot to put bait on the hook???!!
Total Fish36
Total Weight89.32kg
Comments1 gummy shark 33 snapper, 1 couta, 1 salmon
7th EVENT: Both Bays
16 adults, 1 juniors
WinnerBernard Belcourt 9 salmon 7.30kg
Runner UpDavid Tierney 8 salmon 6.12kg
Ladies WinnerJudy Chique 2 gummy sharks, 2 whiting 4.46kg
Ladies Runner UpClare Besley 2 snapper 3.44kg
Junior WinnerNelson Kolbe 8 whiting, 1 flathead, 1 leather jacket 2.44kg
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Bernard Belcourt
Lucky DrawBag of tackle: Bow Kolbe
Winner of Snapper Rod Biggest snapper 4.160kg (cleaned) Rod Besley
DHHans Kelc went to Westernport Bay and didn’t take a whiting rod??!!
Total Fish65
Total Weight41.24kg
Comments28 whiting, 1 leather jackets, 6 snapper, 3 flathead, 25 salmon, 2 gummy sharks
19th EVENT: Bay Comp – Both Bays
14 adults, 1 juniors
WinnerFrank Ruse 11 whiting 2.16kg
Runner UpMax Besley 3 whiting, 1 mullet .960kg
Ladies WinnerClare Besley 1 leather jacket, 2 whiting .660kg
Ladies Runner UpJudy Chique 4whiting .540kg
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Frank Ruse
Lucky DrawBag of tackle – Susie McKenner
Winner of Filleting set& lineBiggest whiting – .400kg Frank Ruse
DHWayne McKenner – “Cold Balls” It was a cold morning compared to the 40C heat a couple days before!!??
Total Fish39
Total Weight8.08kg
Comments33 whiting, 2 leather jackets, 1 snapper, 1 flathead, 1 mullet, 1 trevally
1st & 2nd EVENT: Surf Comp – Loch Sport
12 adults, 1 juniors
WinnerGraeme Palmer 3 salmon 4.22kg
Runner UpTerry Torrison 2 salmon 3.72kg
Ladies WinnerMaud McKenner & Clare Besley (tie) 1 salmon ea. 1.56kg
Ladies Runner UpNA
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)David Tierney
Lucky DrawBag of tackle – Wayne McKenner
Winner of Filleting set Biggest salmon – Terry Torrison 1.94kg
DHHans Kelc & Robbie Hudson – forgot the bait!!??
Total Fish16
Total Weight16.76kg
CommentsMax Besley caught a gummy shark 4.78kg on Friday – too early for Comp

Noble Park Anglers Club is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.

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