Noble Park Anglers Club

46-56 Moodemere St, Noble Park VIC 3174

(03) 9546 9978

Presentation 2008/2009

2008-09 OVERALL CHAMPIONS: Surf Estuary Bay
Champion Shyam Wijesinghe Shyam Wijesinghe Shyam Wijesinghe Rocky Zarifopoulos
Runner Up Max Besley Max Besley Kevin Roberts Max Besley
Club Champion: Shyam Wijesinghe
Club Champion Runner Up: Rocky Zarifopoulos
Flathead Trophy: Neil Kolbe (Biggest for the year)
Jack Sheridan Memorial Gippsland Trophy: Max Besley (All comps within 33 kms of Hollands Landing)
Ted Lewis Memorial Trophy: Andrew Norman (Biggest bream caught on comps)
Vern Hobden Trophy: Rohan Fernado (6.2 kg)
(Biggest snapper caught in Westernport or Port Phillip Bay between 1st October & 1st March)
Don Mackay Memorail Shield: Clare Besley (Club person of the year)

2008-09 LADIES CHAMPIONS: Surf Estuary Bay
Champion Tonya Thomas Clare Besley Susie McKenner Clare Besley
Runner Up Clare Besley Judy Chique Clare Besley Prue Zeuschner
Club Champion: Clare Besley
Club Champion Runner Up: Tonya Thomas

Surf Estuary Bay Freshwater
(Shane Kolbe Trophy)
Champion Bailey Mann Jack Besley Maddison Tierney Bailey Mann Alexandra
& Grace Norman
Runner Up Jack Besley
(Count back
Bradley Souter)
Hugh Besley Bradley Souter Bradley Souter Bradley Souter
PARTICIPATION AWARDS: Nathan Chique, Dylan Chique, Joshua Chique, Toby Chique, Chanel Mann, Angus Tierney, Austin Parry, Meg Parry, Carly Damman, Bodhi Chique, Luke Casey, Xavier Billing (Alexandra & Grace Norman)

Noble Park Anglers Club is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.

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