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Sunday 15th EVENT: Both Bays
11 adults, 1 juniors
WinnerStan Kolbe - 13 Whiting 2.500kg
Runner UpKen Billing - 2 Yakka, 3 Snapper & 4 Whiting 2.653kg
Ladies WinnerMaud McKenner - 1 Snapper .420kg
Ladies Runner UpN/A
Junior WinnerN/A
Junior Runner UpN/A
Secret Weight ($20)Max Besley
Lucky DrawMaud McKenner
Biggest Fish - Whiting .580kg whole. Ken Billing & Darryl Freeman (1 ea) Darryl Freeman won a light rod for the biggest whiting.Darryl Freeman won a light rod for the biggest fish
DHDarryl Freeman - He hooked a whiting had it in his hand but it thought bugger this and jumped overboard!!
Total Fish7 Snapper, 2 Yakka, 18 Whiting & 1 Trevally
Total Weight7.406kg
CommentsWeather was fine and flat seas but the fish would not co-operate!!
24th -26th EVENT: Loch Sport
17 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerMax Besley 2 salmon, 3 mullet .820g
Runner UpLenny Van Rye 2 tailor .720g
Ladies WinnerClare Besley 2 mullet, 1 salmon .440g
Ladies Runner UpCarol Besley 2 mullet .320g
Junior WinnerN/A
Junior Runner UpN/A
Secret Weight ($20)Lenny Van Rye
Lucky DrawClare Besley
Biggest fish - Tailor .420g Lenny Van Rye
DHJudy Chique - Just for cracking up!!!
Total Fish12
Total Weight2.600kg
CommentsWeather was fine Saturday morning then the wind got up! Sunday was fine for 2 hours then gale force winds! Monday was the best day but we had to go home!! Nobody on the beach were catching decent fish!!?? So lots of fun - drinking, quizzes and eating!!
6th EVENT: Both Bays
7 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerWayne McKenner 1 gummy & 9 whiting 4.280kg
Runner UpClare Besley 2 whiting, 1 trevally & rock flathead 1.120kg
Ladies WinnerClare Besley 2 whiting, 1 trevally & rock flathead 1.120kg
Ladies Runner UpMaud McKenner 2 whiting .240g
Junior WinnerN/A
Junior Runner UpN/A
Secret Weight ($20)Clare Besley
Lucky DrawWayne McKenner
Biggest Fish - gummy shark 2.60kg & a whiting .400gWayne McKenner
DHWayne McKenner - his line was frayed but didn't worry about it as he thought he would not catch a fish!! HE LOST A BIG SNAPPER!!
Total Fish18
Total Weight10.120kg
CommentsHorrid Day - thunder storms to start the morning, wind & rain. The few that went fishing went to Westernport & found spots that were sate, and a couple went to Point Pier.
1st - 3rd EVENT: Both Estuary Comp - Lake Tyers
9 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerAndrew Norman 3 Tailor & 1 Flathead 2.740kg
Runner UpMax Besley 4 Bream & 1 Whiting 2.280kg
Ladies WinnerClare Besley 4 Bream 1.880kg
Ladies Runner UpDawn Norman 2 Bream .680kg
Junior WinnerN/A
Junior Runner UpN/A
Secret Weight ($20)Dawmn Norman
Lucky DrawGary Besley
Winner of 2 rod holders, sml tackle box plus tackle- Most variety of fishAndrew Norman
DHMax Besley - the bilge pump outlet was ripped off the boat at the jetty. It was very windy & it got caught on the jetty
Total Fish20 - 16 bream, 1 flathead, 2 tailor & 1 whiting.
Total Weight10.120kg
CommentsBiggest fish - bream .640kg - Max Besley; tailor 1.160kg - Andrew Norman; Max Besley caught 2 flathead (over size can't weigh in) 57cm & 66cm, the biggest being 1.860kg.
18th EVENT: Both Bays
12 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerRobbie Hudson 3 Snapper 6.70kg
Runner UpJudy Chique 1 Snapper & 1 Elephant fish 3.92kg
Ladies WinnerJudy Chique 1 Snapper & 1 Elephant fish 3.92kg
Ladies Runner UpSusie McKenner 1 Snapper 1.96kg
Junior WinnerN/a
Junior Runner UpN/a
Secret Weight ($20)Susie McKenner
Lucky DrawJudy Chique
Winner of Knife, pliers & DVD biggest fish - 4.48kg (whole) SnapperRobbie Hudson
DHWayne McKenner - Trying to keep out of Don Elso's way got his anchor rope around & around his prop!!!
Total Fish8 - 1 elephant fish & 7 snapper
Total Weight17.60kg
CommentsJudy Chique's elephant 2.08kg. Belcourt caught a 11.92kg 7 gill shark but N/a (club rules) - weighed for Best of Species - nice fish!
13th & 14th EVENT: Freshwater Comp - Eildon Anywhere
12 adults, 1 juniors
WinnerDarryl Freeman 1 rainbow trout 1.98kg
Runner UpNeil Mann 3 rainbow trout .600kg
Ladies WinnerN/A
Ladies Runner UpN/A
Junior WinnerN/A
Junior Runner UpN/A
Secret Weight ($20)Darryl Freeman
Lucky DrawJudy Chique - $20 Compleat Angler Voucher
Biggest Rainbow Trout2.280kg (whole) Darryl Freeman
DHHans Kelc – decided he was a ballerina and did a 9.5 “swan dive” down the bank. He landed on Terry Torrison’s tackle bag & squashed his Bushmans spray!!??
Total Fish11 - 6 Brown Trout, 5 Rainbow Trout
Total Weight3.400kg
CommentsMost people fished the pondage – Max & Clare took their boat & tried their luck on the lake for only 1 brown trout. Weather cold & foggy to start the days but when the sun came out it was beautiful!? 
Saturday 16th EVENT: Freshwater Anywhere
12 adults, 2 juniors
WinnerClare Besley 5 Rainbow Trout .940kg
Runner UpMax Besley 2 Rainbow Trout .400kg
Ladies WinnerClare Besley As Above
Ladies Runner UpJUdy Chique 1 Rainbow Trout .140kg
Junior WinnerNelson Kolbe 1 Rainbow Trout .140kg
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Clare Besley
Lucky DrawSusie McKenner $20 Compleat Angler Voucher
DHDarry Freeman –MR ORGANIZED PLUS!!@??*. Usually an organized man with his gear – has to be just right. But this day his lines & rods were in a tangled mess!!??
Total Fish11 Rainbow Trout
Total Weight1.920kg
Comments7 people fished at Karkarook Park, others at Rowville Lakes & Devils Bend. Cold & foggy. Maccas for breakfast for some!! Pizza & smoked fish at Susie’s & Judy at weigh in. A Fun day for all!!
Sunday 13th July 2014 EVENT: Surf Comp Anywhere
6 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerStan Kolbe 2 Salmon .323kgs
Runner UpNA
Ladies WinnerNA
Ladies Runner UpNA
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Stan Kolbe
Lucky DrawStan Kolbe $20 Compleat Angler Voucher
Biggest Fish- 10ft Surf ComboStan Kolbe Salmon 25cm
DHStan Kolbe – Won everything else so he got the DH as well!!??@*!
Total Fish2
Total Weight.323kgs
Comments13 adults 2 jrns turned up for weigh in and hot dogs & soup. We sat in the Bowls Club and had a chat in comfort & warmth. The weather was very cold, windy & some rain. Surf – dirty, weedy & rough
7th-9th EVENT: Estuary Comp @ Marlo
10 adults, 2 juniors
WinnerStan Kolbe 5 Bream, 1 Leuderick, 3 Mullet 4.50kg
Runner UpKen Billing 8 Bream 2 Mullet 4.19kg
Ladies WinnerDawn Norman 6 Tailor 1.72kg
Ladies Runner UpBow Kolbe 1 Bream .800kg
Junior WinnerNelson Kolbe 2 Bream 2.295kg
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Stan Kolbe
Lucky DrawGeoff Gilles $20 Compleat Angler Voucher
Biggest Fish other than BreamStan Kolbe .700kg Luderick
Biggest BreamNelson Kolbe (4yo) 1.66kg (The Bream, Not Nelson!)
DHKen Billing – whinged all w’end that he still hasn't caught a kilo bream and got beaten by a 4 year old who got 2. Also lost a rod overboard at the ramp & paid kids to help retrieve it. (In the end got it himself)!!@!??
Total Fish36- 16 Bream, 5 Mullet, 14 Tailor & 1 Luderick
Total Weight15.67 kg
CommentsCold, rain showers and sunshine – had to work had for a fish !!@??
17th & 18th EVENT: Surf Comp Loch Sport
6 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerTerry Torrison 3 Salmon and 1 Trevally 3.560kg
Runner UpWayne McKenner 1 Flathead, 2 Trevally, 1 Mullet, 1 Salmon, 1.92kg
Ladies WinnerMaude McKenner 3 Salmon 1.62kg
Ladies Runner UpNA
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Max Besley
Lucky DrawClare Besley $20 Compleat Angler Voucher
Biggest FishTerry Torrison Salmon 1.80kg
DHWayne McKenner threw out water from bucket & then went looking in the grass for the sinkers – only to find them still in the bucket under the sand!~!!???
Total Fish14
Total Weight7.36kg
CommentsWeather was fantastic – surf too flat! Great company & delicious casseroles. Loch Sport Anglers turned up Saturday night with no fish!! – We beat them again!?
6th April EVENT: Freshwater Noojee
12 adults, 4 juniors
WinnerJohn Bertuna 1 Brown Trout 0.160kg
Runner UpNA
Ladies WinnerNA
Ladies Runner UpNA
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)John Bertuna
Lucky DrawSusie McKenner (Bag of Tackle)
DHNA Everyone was good!!
Total Fish1
Total Weight0.160kg
CommentsThe weather was perfect; Noojee is a very pretty place BUT only small fish!!!!
8th-10th March EVENT: Estuary at Bemm River
12 adults, 0 juniors
WinnerJudy Chique 22 Bream & 1 Flathead - Weight 11.62kg
Runner UpAndrew Norman 21 Bream & 1 Flathead - Weight 8.52kg
Ladies WinnerJudy Chique (as above)
Ladies Runner UpDawn Norman 14 Bream - Weight 8.52kg
Junior WinnerNA
Junior Runner UpNA
Secret Weight ($20)Jeff Chique
Lucky DrawTonya Chique, Bag of tackle
Winner Of Filleting SetMax Besley Longest Flathead 52cm
Biggest Bream Andrew Norman 1.30kg
DHJohn Bertuna- Didn't lock tow ball down on trailer when retrieving boat and trailer came off the back of his car!!!!
Total Fish158 = 143 Bream, 14 Flathead & 1 Tailor
Total Weight67.44kg
CommentsTerrific weather – great feeds - sausages, tomatoes(home grown) and onions on BBQ Saturday night. Pork, lamb and veggies cooked in the webber Sunday night plus Judy’s scalloped potatoes and chocolate ripple cake and Dawn’s raspberry slice – yummy!!

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