Noble Park Anglers Club

46-56 Moodemere St, Noble Park VIC 3174

(03) 9546 9978

2017 / 2018 SYLLABUS

Meetings held on first Tuesday of the Month at 7.30 pm

January, 21st Bay Both bays
February, 11th & 12th, Sat-Sun Surf Loch Sport
March, 7th, Sat-Mon AGM NPFSC Anglers
March, 11th-13th, Tues Estuary Bemm River
March, 25th, Sat Presentation Night Club Noble
April, 8th, Sat Twilight Estuary
May, 13th, Sat Surf Patterson River Bus Trip
June, 10th-12th, Sat-Mon Surf Loch Sport JS
July, 9th, Sun Freshwater Blue Rock SK
August, 12th-13th, Sat-Sun Surf Loch Sport JS
September, 9th, Sat Freshwater Anywhere SK
October, 14th-15th, Sat-Sun Freshwater Eildon, Anywhere SK
November, 11th, Sat Bay Both Bays
December, 2nd, Sat Bay Both Bays
December, 9th, Sat**
January, 20th & 21st, Sat-Sun Estuary Pt Welshpool
February, 17th, Sat Bay (whiting only) Both Bays
March, 6th, Tues AGM NPFSC Anglers
SK: Shane Kolbe Memorial Trophy JS: Jack Sheridan Memorial Trophy

Noble Park Anglers Club is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.

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